Evreux Mouraut

// Byronic boyfriend

A Knight Dragoon turned artist,
a past shrouded in mystery

"You are still a perfect reminder of what all of these scars on my arms are for, if I can hold myself together"

About Evreux

NameEvreux Mouraut
AliasesThe Dzemael Bastard
Nameday11th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon (Nov. 10th - Scorpio)
RaceIshgardian Elezen - Werewolf (not public info)
GenderCis Male
Hair ColorSalt and pepper
Eye ColorIce blue
BuildLean; athletic
OccupationOwner of Le Renard Argenté
ProfessionPainter, Machinist

AlignmentChaotic Neutral
StrengthsDedicated, courageous, loyal, passionate, flexible, determined, calm, collected, romantic
WeaknessesObsessive, untrusting, over sensitive, hides emotions, jealous, abrasive at times
Voice claim: Lee Pace 

Notable Features

  • Walks with a bit of a limp due to a leg injury. He tries to hide it but sometimes walks with a cane.

  • A couple of scars on his face. One across his eye and another across his cheek.

  • Wears several rings but is always seen wearing a silver ring with a stag's molar that has been stained black, yet it glitters and often catches the light.

  • Always seen wearing a gold chain with a fenrir on the neckpiece. The fenrir's eyes are two ruby gems.



  • Cainnaux de Dzemael - Father - Deceased

  • Oline Mouraut - Mother - Deceased

  • Elwin de Dzemael - Half-sister - Estranged

  • Ilvoix de Dzemael - Half-brother - Estranged

  • Arlelle de Dzemael - Half-sister - Estranged

  • Goirraut de Dzemael - Half-brother - Estranged


  • Lord Viscount Armand de Courcelle - Partner

  • Guiscard d'Enguerrand - Lover

  • Lebeaux Desrosiers - Favorite Pest

  • Sebastian de Vairemont - Best Friend

  • Ives Mirier - Former Employer

  • Lord Vallerin de Cieloux - Former Lover

  • Laullont Breseux - Former Lover (Deceased)


  • Tends to look grumpy or even angry at times. That is mostly just his face. But he isn't always in the best of moods. He tends to be a little on the broody side but he is generally willing to carry on a conversation and be pleasant enough, even charming at times, if he wishes to be.

  • Dresses quite well as of late, fine materials and the latest of fashions for gentlemen around Ishgard.

  • Though he claims to be lowborn, his features, the way he speaks and even the way he carries himself suggest otherwise.


  • Trinket making

  • Reading

  • Boxing

  • Gambling

  • Painting


  • Good brandy

  • Good food

  • Romance novels

  • Cigarettes

  • Tea


  • Entitled people

  • Loud people

  • Disloyalty

  • Liars


  • Ishgard: Evreux is Ishgardian, from a lowborn family, or so he says. His surname, however, is not one that is well known.

  • Scandal: During his childhood and early adult years, it was something of an open secret that he was the bastard child of a nobleman from House Dzemael. When his mother passed, at the age of five, his father took him in. There was much resentment from the rest of the man's family.

  • Dragonsong War: He fought in the Dragonsong War as one of the Knights Dragoon. He served honorably but did suffer a nasty injury. He served for House Dzemael which perhaps wasn't a coincidence considering the rumors of his lineage?

  • Machinery: Evreux has been known to work in machine shops on and off over the years within Ishgard, repairing and creating little trinkets or gadgets.

  • Painter: His true passion though is art with a focus on paintings. He has been known to be commissioned by nobles or wealthy people in Ishgard to do portraits.

  • Le Renard Argenté: He is the owner of a rather popular gentleman's lounge within Ishgard. It caters to the nobility and upper echelons, particularly those of the masculine variety who prefer the company of other men.

Inspiration & Aesthetics


  • Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - 'The Dying of the Light': "I keep on running, but I can't get to the mountain/Behind me lie the years that I misspent/And I've been sinking like a flower in the fountain/When all the love I'm gonna need is heaven sent."

  • Sleep Token - 'Aqua Regia': "Well, my love is an animal call/Cutting through the darkness, bouncing off the walls/Between teeth on a broken jaw/Following a bloodtrail, frothing at the maw/These days I'm a circuit board/Integrated hardware you cannot afford/The perfect start to a perfect war/Putting down the roses picking up the sword"

  • Five Finger Death Punch-'Far From Home: "All the places I've been and things I've seen/A million stories that made up a million shattered dreams/The faces of people I'll never see again/And I can't seem to find my way home"

  • VV-'Heartful of Ghosts': "Heartful of ghosts/Hurt full of hope/Heartful of ghosts/Cry out to the wendigo moon in Scorpio."

OOC Info


  • Always open to making new friends. I have preference for long-term RP but short-term can be okay too.

  • Please understand that I am a rather busy person. I have RL responsibilities as well as the fact that I spend a decent portion of time running an RP venue. I also have a decent number of already established RP partners. Please don't take my limited availability as a personal offense or as disinterest.

  • No OOC flirting, please, as I'm not looking for any OOC romantic or sexual interactions. Platonic friendship is okay but nothing beyond that!

  • I am well over 30 IRL and will only RP with those 21+, for one-on-one & long-term RP, 30+ only.

  • EST time zone

  • Evreux is on Dynamis Data Center


  • Content can include anything from dark content to adventures to silly, light-hearted fun! I'm willing to roll with most things!

  • Evreux and the rest of my characters are polyamorous, however, new ships are unlikely for him. Flirting does not indicate actual interest.

  • Ships that do occur are with high chemistry only and are developed over time via story.

  • Discord RP is reserved for established RP partners.